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Hakgala Botanical Garden is situated on the Nuwara-eliya - Badulla main road, 16 km from Nuwara eliya. The garden has a cool temperate climate because of altitude is 5,400 feet above the sea level. The mean annual temperature ranges between 16°C to 30°C during course of a year. From December to February it has a cold climate, while the warm climate persists from April to August.

Garden established in 1861 as an experimental cultivation of Cinchona, a commercial crop thriving at the time. Once after the Tea replace the Cinchona, it was turned into an experimental Tea-cultivation. In 1884 it transformed to a garden since then many sub tropical and some temperate plants were planted in the gardens.

In the Folklores, it says Sri Lankan demon King Ravana after abducting Sita, kept her hidden in this area and the area was offered to Sita as a pleasure garden, the place finds mention in the Ramayanaas Ashok Vatika. The area was named as "Sita Eliya" and "Sita Amman Temple" was built on the site.



The gardens are a few kilometers outside from Kandy, on the banks of the Mahaweli River. They were originally the Queens Pleasure gardens in the 14th century, later in the 18th century they became the residence of a Kandyan Prince and his favorite location for entertaining. During the British rule they were developed into the rambling sixty hectares of Botanical Gardens that you would see today. The rolling green lawns dotted with small benches amongst the trees make it a perfect place to sit back and relax in the shade, reflecting on the wonders of Sri Lanka. The flowerbeds that surround the Lily pond near to the rock garden are a blaze of color, the pond is actually in the shape of Sri Lanka. Towering palm trees line the drive that leads towards Mountbatten's offices, where there is a commemorative Tree Garden, which includes trees planted by King George and the princess Royal. One of the trees not to miss is the rare Cocoa De Mer, which bares the largest fruit in the plant kingdom, some weighing between 10-20 kilograms, they take over five years to mature. Another impressive tree is that of the Javan Fig tree which covers 1600 square meters. The peaceful romantic gardens are still a pleasure to visit, they are also home to an abundance of wildlife and some of Sri Lanka's rarest orchids.

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